sound & media installation by Humatic

format : 3 syncronised fullHD players / 3 screens/ up to six audio channels.

duration: ca 25min , loop
production year 2012 & 2016,

premiere TBA
Updates & documentation :

Produced on the artist's resources. Thanks to Humatic GmbH Berlin for friendly support.

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NMN media installation feat. Mieko Suzuki

NMN no more nukes maneki neko

Abstract : CatroNome ( screen version) shows 99 Maneki-Neko beckoning arms on three screens starting their movement synchroniously and slowly fading out. It can be seen as reminiscence of Ligeti's Poème symphonique but leaves spaces for mor assoziations

CatroNome( physical istallation version) Besides the triptych video-version Humatic plans a physical interactive set up with real hacked cat which will allow an intense concertant high dynnamic audio-visual experience. The sound of each moving arm will be amplifiesd with multi channel equipment.


'Silent Dialectica'
The Global Pursuit of Happiness by Boris Petrovsky :
Too stupid to fail. Too serious to ignore : NMN the global bye-bye gesture
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